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Pulzarno Empty Pulzarno

on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:12 pm
Status:Alive / Immortalized
Age:Unknown (It is said that he is the same age as the universe itself.)
Race:Dragon (Actually a Folf / Fox + Wolf combination.)
Height:Has no true height, as he can make himself any size that he wants.
Weight:Has no true weight, as he can make himself any weight that he wants.
Alignment:Unknown; some prophecies say that he is a good god, but others say that he is bad or evil.
Eye Colour:Gold
Immunities:Almost everything.
Weaknesses:Almost everything.
Likes:Tribute, sacrifices, worship; all going towards him.
Dislikes:Creatures that ignore him / choose not to pay tribute.


  • Xera: His Time Elemental Sister, another of Tcherborbia's most powerful creatures / beings.


  • Unknown


  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Profile / Description:
Probably the most powerful being in Tcherborbia, or one of them. Pulzarno is The God of Space. He has some of the most dangerous and powerful abilites - he can change almost anything he wants, apart from creatures' personalities and the way they work, and even teleport either himself, or targets to anywhere in existance.

For example, if an army tried taking him on... with a click of his finger / thumb, he can just teleport them near the sun. Or if he wants to really scare / tease a strong foe, he can make everything in existance relatively small; so that he's the same size as he was already, but everything is smaller - making him look relatively huge compared to everything, or almost everything else.

He is also capable of banishing any targets, simply by eating them... he can also teleport things by eating them, too; this ability is usually used, if he wants to play a mean joke on a creature - he'll eat them, and then teleport them somewhere around their world... but not too far from where they live; only to make them think that they were going to be food, but then realizing that they aren't food for him.

Another, less known fact, is that Pulzarno isn't actually a dragon, but a Fox-Wolf / Folf; he chose to change into a Dragon form, to make himself look more intimidating, and less "Inferior", but also to scare whatever prey he may face even more.
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