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Elemental Aging Empty Elemental Aging

on Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:06 am

Ice Elementals:

  • When Ice Elementals hit around mid-age ages, all of their teeth falling out, and then they have Ice Crystal teeth; which replaces their old teeth - either a few moments after, or a day after. The wait is worth it, though - an Ice Elemental's Ice Crystal Teeth are far much stronger than their old, normal teeth; they are much less likely to chip, break, etc, and are a lot more sharp and powerful.

    If an Ice Elemental's Ice Crystal teeth were to be damaged / chipped / destroyed, it would take around the same time as when they first had their teeth replaced by Ice Crystal Teeth for either a new Ice Crystal Tooth to replace it, or a stronger replacement to replace it.

  • When Ice Elementals get older, they start losing their hair / fur, and their skins starts to become more like Ice Crystals; eventually, when the Ice Elemental reaches their final stage of growth / aging, they are completely like an Ice Crystal - their entire body and flesh gain the same characteristics as an Ice Crystal; meaning they end up being like living Ice Crystal statues.

    Though, this replacement for flesh / skin also works like really tough armour, too; very few things can pierce an Ice Crystal, and not even Fire can do much against it, and even most of the magic that Lava Elementals can use even take a while to actually show signs of damage on Ice Crystals / Elderly Ice Elementals' armour-like flesh / skin.
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