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The Temple of Elements Empty The Temple of Elements

on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:24 pm
The Temple of Elements:
The Temple of Elements is an ancient monument that was originally a temple built together by almost every type of Elemental in Tcherborbia, to worship The Elemental Gods. It is also seen as a place of rest by most Elementals, and is one of the safest places for Elementals to be, in times of danger.

Throughout the years, it has seen improvements and additions; making the temple look more stylish, updated, and more welcoming.

During The Elemental Wars:
During The Elemental Wars, The Temple of Elements had seen better days - some of the chaos caused by the war, had spread to the temple's nearby surroundings, and location. The Temple of Elements took quite a lot of damage during the war, and had started becoming unstable at certain areas. Some parts and areas had even collapsed, and needed repairing afterwards, but never got a chance to be repaired.

During The First Generation of The Clan of Elements:
After the war had finally ended, Tamus, The Master of Elements, along with his Elemental Clan, had adopted The Temple of Elements as part of the Elementals' headquarters, and had worked on repairing and expanding on the temple - making it more habitable, tidy, stylish, and more modern. They had added living quarters for each of the Elementals, so that they wouldn't have to make a long journey to the temple every morning, or risk sleeping on an uncomfortable floor.

They had also added a very simple armoury room; along with a throne room, and a kitchen.

When it was coming near the end for The First Generation of The Clan of Elements, Tamus used most of his magical powers to allow The Temple of Elements, along with some of the land that it lay rest on, to float high up into the air; making it almost impossible, if not, impossible for attackers to reach the temple; making The Temple of Elements even more of a safe place.

During The Second Generation of The Clan of Elements:
When it was time for The Second Generation of The Clan of Elements to awaken, The Temple of Elements was already looking better than ever - it may have been slightly isolated from the ground, but thanks to Tamus' incredible magic, he added teleporters on the ground below, and on the temple's surface to allow access to the temple from below; however, intruders were still unable to reach the temple's surface, as Tamus restricted access to the teleporters, so that only those approved by him, or those who were The Chosen Ones / Future Members of The Clan of Elements could use the teleporters to go up to the temple, and / or back down.

During The Third Generation of The Clan of Elements:
After Nitrous and the others had successfully saved Tcherborbia from Lord Sumat, the temple was improved even further, and members of The Progressors / volunteers decided to stay at the temple to help aid their Elemental Heroes with supplies, resources, tools, and even weapon and armour smithing. The Temple of Elements also now had a proper Training Room, for the upcoming generation of Elementals.

There were now hired guards around the temple as well, as the technology in Tcherborbia had started evolving and improving; slightly increasing chances of intruders. But that wasn't all; other, evil Elementals had started improving with their Elemental Magic, as well as the same evil Elementals learning new spells; making Teleportation a more common spell for those elements, which increased the chances of intruders even further.
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