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Age : 22
Location : Ice Caves

Character sheet
Elemental Type: Ice Elemental
Null Left_bar_bleue200/200Null Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Null Left_bar_bleue200/200Null Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
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Null Empty Null

on Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:11 am
Element(s):None (Original / Intended Element Unknown.)
Height:6 Foot, 6 Inches
Alignment:Neutral Good
Eye Colour:Blue
Immunities:None / Neutral
Weaknesses:None / Neutral
Making friends
Eating his friends just to tease them for a bit, and then spitting them back out.
Dislikes:Not having an Element of his own.


  • Unknown


  • Unknown


  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Profile / Description:
Null is a very mysterious, or even unlucky Elemental; he was named after being an Elemental without an Element. It is unknown how this had happened to him, and some may say that he isn't an Elemental at all... but he does possess an Elemental Core, which still basically classifies him as being an Elemental. Though, no one knows what Element he was meant to receive as his Primary Element originally. Some theorize that his Elemental Core has not fully activated / became active yet, and thus, has not given him its powers yet, but no one really knows why he has no element yet.

Null now spends most of his days trying to discover / find out a way to become a proper Elemental with Elemental Powers; rather than only having an Elemental Core in his stomach like most Elementals do. However, being in Modern / Future Tcherborbia, The Progressors have developed and worked on a few Elemental Blasters, and decided to kindly donate two Elemental Blasters to him, so that, in a way, he has an element. He enjoys going to target practice to destroy targets with various types of Elemental Blaster Crystals, and experimenting with different elements to see the effects.

Null has a nice, friendly, and slightly mischievous personality, and loves making new friends and doing activities together. Though, Null also gets pretty hungry quite often as well, so he tends to eat quite a lot to give him energy, as the lack of an element means that his Elemental Core needs more energy than normal. He also occassionally uses this as an excuse for him to eat one of his friends; just to tease them; but he never harms any of them while eating them, or while holding them in his stomach, and spits them back out after a minute or so.


  • The Blasters are sort of like a temporary "replacement" for his inactive element.
  • Null doesn't have any type of Elemental Defense / Immunity.
  • Different types of Elemental Crystals, like Ice Crystals, Fire Crystals, means that he can be similar to a Master Elemental; if he has a few of each type of crystal, but he won't have the Elemental Defense of a Master Elemental.
  • If Null were to take damage from almost any element, he'd receive neutral damage; he is neither weak or strong to most elements.
  • The Blasters he has are the only real "Elemental Attacks / Magic" that he has.
  • Null can switch between the types of crystals he uses, if needed; meaning that he can change the type of Elemental Attack he can unleash with either of his blasters to fit the target / enemy he is going against. For Example: He could use Fire Crystals on an Aggressive, Evil Ice Elemental, and Water or Ice Crystals on an Aggressive, Evil Fire / Lava Elemental.
  • Null's two blasters / weapons of choice are: A DMR-style Blaster, and a Handgun-style one.
  • Null also likes spending time in weapon shops, looking at all the latest state-of-the-art weaponry and high-tech equipment; he aims to one day be a Weapon Collector, so that he can have a different weapon for each type of combat / stealth job.
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