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Character sheet
Elemental Type: Ice Elemental
Abel Left_bar_bleue200/200Abel Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Abel Left_bar_bleue200/200Abel Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
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Abel Empty Abel

on Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:33 am
Element(s):Light and Darkness
Height:8 Foot, 10 Inches
Alignment:True Neutral
Eye Colour:Blue Left Eye, Red Right Eye. (That's HIS left and right.)
Immunities:Light and Darkness.
Weaknesses:Divine and Pure Evil.
Eating Elementals that bother him.
Hunting for food.
Gaining more power by taking energy from his prey.


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Profile / Description:
Abel is a Balance Elemental; a Multi-Elemental with Light and Darkness as his elements. He has a huge interest in Philosophy, and tends to think about what if there wasn't a balance with most things, and other similar topics.

Abel also tries to keep his alignment completely Neutral, and tries to avoid taking sides with either Good or Evil. Though, if he had to pick a side, he would choose Good over Evil, as most Evil creatures want to destroy Tcherborbia. Abel has lots of energy-based magic and attacks, and tends to feed off of the energy of whatever prey he may catch, or any foes he may come across; so that his powers improve vastly.

In terms of appearance, he is very tall, and big in size; he is kind of chubby, but also kind of muscular as well. His main fur colour is white, but he has a black / dark grey colour scheme for his underbelly fur, and finally, he has a teal / pale greeny blue colour for his flesh and pawpads.

Abel wants to make a world that is perfectly balanced; not too hot, not too cold, not too bright, and not too dark, and so on. He also believes that most things, if not all, need and require a balance for things to work out well, and tries his best to change Tcherborbia that way for the greater good.

UPDATE 1: 20/02/2017:

Though, Abel's only disadvantages with his philosophy, is that he can sometimes be too judgemental with things that may trigger an inbalance within his surroundings. For example, if he was in a room with 3 Fire Elementals, and 4 or 6 Ice Elementals, he may ask some of the Ice Elementals to leave.

The other disadvantage may be that whatever changes he makes with Tcherborbia could have catastrophic effects with certain things.
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