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Elemental Blasters Empty Elemental Blasters

on Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:21 am
Elemental Blasters
Elemental Blasters are special, gun-like weapons created by The Progressors, that use Elemental Crystals as ammunition. They were invented for dealing with hostile Elementals without the issues of their weapons not affecting certain elementals' elements, and can use various types of Elemental Crystals for each type of Elemental Blaster, as well as different elements for each Elemental Crystal.

They were also created to replace The Progressors' Military's Crossbows, as in Modern Tcherborbia, they seem obsolete; as the Aggressive Elementals have evolved, and have also become tougher, more powerful, and more dangerous.

Elemental Blasters are now standard issue weaponry for The Progressors' Military. They find this new type of weapon to be more efficient, and easier to use; as well as more reliable.

Ammo / Crystals
All but a few of the blasters use crystals for ammunition. Elemental Crystals have different effects upon shattering; such as unleashing an energy ray with the power of the element inside of it. But there are also other, special types of crystals as well. The crystals can also unleash elemental effects on the target, too; such as an Ice Crystal freezing its target, and a Fire Crystal setting its target on fire, with a chance of exploding on the target.

There are a few types of crystals; each for different kinds of blasters:

  • Small Crystals: Used for the handgun type blasters; upon shattering, releases a small amount of energy at the target.
  • Cluster Crystals: Used for the shotgun type blasters; upon shattering, the crystal unleashes shards on the target.
  • Large Crystals: Used for the larger, rifle-like blasters; upon shattering, releases a deadly amount of energy at the target.
  • Energy Canisters: Used for a large, Experimental Weapon that unleashes a massive amount of energy at multiple targets or for damaging a large area.

Firing Mechanism

Elemental Blasters use a mechanism similar to real life guns, but instead of bullets, rounds, shells, slugs, etc, Elemental Crystals are used. When the Elemental Crystal is loaded into the barrel, from a magazine, or other means, the trigger is pulled when the user wants to shoot; causing a strong hammer to hit the crystal, which then causes the crystal to shatter - releasing all of its energy, or whatever is contained within the crystal (like how the Cluster Crystals unleash Crystal Shards) and shooting it out of the barrel, and at the unlucky target.

After the crystal shatters, it disintegrates; removing the need for an ejector to get rid of any leftover junk inside of the gun / barrel... however, the energy of the crystals can heat the entire blaster up - meaning the gun / blaster will need a heat vent instead, to cool itself down after each shot.

Types of Blasters
There are a few different types of Elemental Blasters; each with their own use and advantages, as well as disadvantages.

The following are types of Blasters that were made by The Progressors after they had evolved:

  • Handgun Elemental Blasters: Mostly used as either a sidearm, or for self defense. Holds around 12-18 rounds, and has ok power, but doesn't have perfect range or accuracy. These types of Blasters can also be fired surprisingly quickly at the cost of some accuracy; if the user has a fast trigger finger, thanks to its semi-automatic design.
  • Scattering Elemental Blasters: Similar to a shotgun; the gun uses the cluster elemental crystals which unleash small shards of elemental crystal at the target. These types of blasters have really good power at shorter ranges, but poor accuracy at long ranges and also has the requirement of each crystal being loaded in manually one by one when reloading. These Blasters usually hold around 8 rounds, however.
  • DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) Elemental Blasters: Originally designed to be an Assault Rifle type of Elemental Blaster... but had to be altered due to failures with the design; it originally had rapid fire and a slightly shorter barrel, but the rapid fire caused the Larger Elemental Crystals to release too much Elemental Energy too soon - resulting in the prototype violently exploding from the large amount of energy overheating it.

    Since then, it had to have its Rapid Fire Rate recreated / altered, so that it was Semi-Automatic.

    After that, The Progressors thought that they may as well extend the length on the barrel, to make the Blaster more accurate; making up for the reduced fire rate. These Elemental Blasters only hold 10-20 rounds, and are usually used for run-and-gun operations that have targets located at long ranges (Like towers) - these Blasters are commonly found with scopes, and other special sights mounted onto them.

Elemental Crystal Elements
The Elemental Crystals don't just have one element; they can be found with various elements - each with a different effect that can be used for certain occasions, or for going against certain Elementals.

  • Water Elemental Crystals: Not very damaging, but can knock targets back, and deal a fair amount of damage to Fire and Lava Elementals.
  • Ice Elemental Crystals: Freezes the target if they aren't immune to Ice.
  • Fire Elemental Crystals: Sets the target if they aren't immune to Fire.
  • Lava Elemental Crystals: Like Fire Elemental Crystals, but can also explode on targets.
  • Psychic Elemental Crystals: Has a random chance of either confusing the target, making them afraid, or making them sleepy, if they aren't immune to Psychic powers.
  • Wind Elemental Crystals: Increased knockback if the target isn't immune to Wind.
  • Earth Elemental Crystals: Can be used to pierce armour and can go through certain materials that the other crystals can't.
  • Electric Elemental Crystals: Like Lightning Elemental Crystals, but weaker. Can be used in the same manner as tasers / stun guns.
  • Lightning Elemental Crystals: Can paralyze and / or fry the target, if they aren't immune to Electric / Lightning. Electric Elementals will only take a quarter of the damage, with around a 25% chance of being paralyzed.
  • Holy Elemental Crystals: Designed to be used against Demons, Vampires, and evil creatures. It can also cure cursed people without doing any damage, too.
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