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Merlotos Empty Merlotos

on Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:28 pm
Element(s):Psychic and Mystic
Race:Red Crazy One
Height:6 Foot, 3 Inches
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Eye Colour:Usually Green; his eye colour transitions into other colours of time - from Green, to Red, to Blue, to Yellow, to Purple, and then back to Green again.
Weaknesses:Almost all elements that aren't Psychic or Mystic.
Eating Food
Humiliating his enemies by mind-controlling them, and getting them to kiss each other, or beat each other up
Practical Jokes
Really awful and cheesy jokes
People who refuse to listen to his jokes and / or puns
Spicy Food


  • King Carnivorous I (Father) - Merlotos loves his father, and is very proud of him; he has watched his father devour a few criminals in the past, and wishes to one day be like him, and to follow in his father's footsteps.


  • Mystos, The Mystic Fox - One of his best friends forever; Merlotos loves going to see Mystos, and tends to prank him at times, but mostly plays a few games with him - like Checkers / Draughts, or Snap.
  • Joy, The Trickster Fox - One of his closest friends; Merlotos tends to go and see Joy to learn new Psychic Powers, and even a few new tricks to do / that can be done with them. Joy and Merlotos tend to go together whenever they go to prank somebody or someone, and love setting the pranks up, and seeing the results together.


  • Eris (Sister) - Merlotos tends to "compete" against Eris, as the two of them try hard to get King Carnivorous I to think that they are the better son / daughter out of the two of them.


  • Phos, The Lava Fox - After getting on his bad side after a silly little prank, Phos now despises Merlotos, and keeps threatening to make a barbecue out of him if he tries any tricks. Merlotos always tries to ask Phos for forgiveness, but only gets growls and scowls from him.

Profile / Description:
Merlotos (named after "Merlot", a type of red.) is an expert at using his Psychic and Mystic powers; he heavily specializes in the use of Mind-Affecting spells, such as: Possession, Confusion, Brainwashing, and Fear. He can also get a target to fall into a particular emotion, too, if they aren't strong-minded, are weak, or if they simply don't have a strong will.

Merlotos tends to be very playful with his powers, and loves seeing what would happen if he used a certain power on a certain target; experimenting with his powers, to see if he needs improving, or if he really has mastered that particular spell.

Merlotos is also very talented with instruments, too; he plays the Acoustic Guitar, and even a Saxophone. He can also be quite romantic at times, too. He also knows a lot of dance moves, and tends to wear a variety of clothing all the time as well; almost like he has enough clothes to keep his fashion / attire different for each day of a year!
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