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on Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:34 am
Tcherborbia is the world, and home, to Elemental creatures. Each part of Tcherborbia, is different; to suit the needs for each type of Elemental:

  • The Mountains are home to Ice Elementals.
  • The Lava Caves are home to both Fire Elementals and Lava Elementals.
  • The Forests are home to Psychic Elementals.
  • The Skies are home to Wind Elementals.
  • The Underground Caverns are home to Earth Elementals.
  • Dark parts of the sky are home to Lightning Elementals.
  • The sea is home to Water Elementals.

"Tcherborbia (SH-BORE-BEE-AH), home to creatures and Elementals, is a place where various elements can be found almost anywhere. Certain creatures are gifted with various elemental powers that can aid and assist them throughout their life, these creatures are known as Elementals; some say that these creatures were chosen by the gods to have powers. Not long after, these creatures evolved, they decided to work together... but some decided to split up into separate clans, away from civilization."
 - Background, Tcherborbia I: Nitrous' Quest
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