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Timeline of Events (SPOILERS!!!) Left_bar_bleue200/200Timeline of Events (SPOILERS!!!) Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Timeline of Events (SPOILERS!!!) Left_bar_bleue200/200Timeline of Events (SPOILERS!!!) Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
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Timeline of Events (SPOILERS!!!) Empty Timeline of Events (SPOILERS!!!)

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:25 am
Spoilers are highlighted in Red.

Era:Year:Events that took place:
The Birth of Tcherborbia Era0

  • The Birth of Tcherborbia, including its lands, and creatures.

The Evolution of Elements Era200

  • Elements start appearing around the lands.


  • The Arms of Elements were created.
  • Over the years, the creatures evolved to adapt to their natural habitat; some of them were lucky enough to gain control of a specific element.
  • The creatures unite together as a group of races; so that they can all assist each other when in need.

The Elemental Wars Era250

  • After a while, some of the groups decided that they weren't getting on so well with each other. (Ice Creatures thought that Fire Creatures were a problem, and vice versa, etc).
  • The friction escalated; eventually leading to The Elemental Wars.

The Time of Peace Era257

  • During The Elemental Wars, a few of the members in each of the groups, had got together, and found that they can all live together peacefully - providing that everything has been set up, so that there won't be any issues caused by opposing Elements. (Like Ice with Fire, etc)
  • The Elemental Wars ended.


  • Tamus was born.


  • Tamus started getting uneasy about how peaceful it was; he thought that there was a high possibility of someone starting to create chaos.
  • The Clan of Elementals was by their leader, Tamus - the clan had been created by him, so that Tcherborbia, along with all of its inhabitants, could be protected from Evil, Chaos, Crimes, and Disasters.


  • Sumat joins The Clan of Elementals, and becomes one of Tamus' honoured members.


  • Sumat betrays Tamus, and is kicked out of The Clan of Elementals.

The Rise Of Evil Era656

  • Sumat eventually goes mad. He begins committing crimes and acts of evil; such as destroying buildings, murdering, and threatening the lives of the creatures of Tcherborbia.


  • After a long battle, Tamus defeats Sumat.
  • Sumat is banished by Tamus, to The Cursed Realm of Chaos and Evil.


  • The Corrupt Knights were established.
  • Phos is born.


  • The Rebels of True Justice were established, to counter The Corrupt Knights.
  • Nitrous is born.

The Return for Hope Era705

  • Nitrous and Phos join The Clan of Elementals; while being trained by Tamus himself.


  • Nitrous becomes a trained Elemental of Ice, and impresses Tamus with his prowess and skill on his given element's powers and abilities.
  • Sumat becomes Lord Sumat.


  • The events of Tcherborbia I (The Elementals - Nitrous' Quest) take place.

The Extinction of Elementals Era1000

  • Elementals become extinct.

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