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on Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:05 am
The following is a list of rules that you can have for your arena(s), if desired...

  • No Master Elementals (All-Element, or almost All-Element Characters).

    Simply means, that, you cannot have characters that possess all elements, or almost every element.

  • No Power-stealing.

    Means that if your character has powers / abilities / attacks that steal a target's powers / abilities / attacks, they cannot use it.

  • No Dispel / Power-stopping / Magic-Disabling abilities and attacks.

    Means that your character cannot get rid of his/her/its target's magic / powers / abilities.

  • No Invincibility or Immortality.

    Means that your character cannot be invincible / immortal, or have powers that grant Invincibility or Immortality.

  • No Demons or Demonbloods.

    Means that your chosen character cannot be a demon or demonblood.

  • (New!) Permanent Death.

    Probably one of the harshest rules available - simply means that if a character dies in battle, they are forever dead; across the entire RP part of this forum. For this reason, it is best to make new characters especially for the arena(s) with this rule - to prevent losing a precious character.

    This way, the loss is more soft, and you can still use your favourite characters in arenas without this rule, without the risk of losing them forever.

  • Win Conditions:

    Just means the conditions set, for how each character is allowed to win the battle. Can be No Mercy (Fighting to the death) and / or Defeat (Getting the opponent to surrender). You can choose which one of these that you want, but also your own conditions.

  • Lose Conditions:

    Just means how each character can lose. Can be by death and / or surrendering. Again, you can choose which one of these that you want, but also your own conditions.

The following is a list of special rules that you can have for your arena(s), if desired, these rules are more special than the ones above, as they can add more of a challenge, or add more fun to the arenas.
NOTE: When adding Special Rules, please put "Special Rules" as the heading for a list. or in the description, just put "Special: " and then any of the Special Rules that you want, if any.

  • (New!) Character Swap

    This is an interesting and fun rule - it simply means that, when the battle starts, each player says the name of the character that they are going to give to another player. Each player can only choose 1 character for 1 player. For example...

    Player 1 says: "Player 2 - Nitrous."
    Player 2 says: "Player 4 - Mystos."
    Player 3 says: "Player 1 - Phos."
    Player 4 says: "Player 3 - Gale."

    It would mean that Player 1 and 2 would swap their characters with each other, while Player 3 and 4 would swap their characters with each other.

Some characters that go against these rules can be handicapped in order to be used - for example, an immortal character can have his / her / its immortality / invincibility taken away, etc...

Be sure to list every rule that you want, as rules that aren't listed don't apply, for example, if you saw:


  • No Master Elementals
  • Win Condition: Defeat Only
  • Lose Condition: Killing, Surrendering"

That would mean that the Arena you're playing in does not allow Master Elementals to be used, and that the characters playing can only win by defeating their opponent. However, if they were to kill their opponent, or surrender, they would lose.

However, this also means that: Demons are allowed, Invincibility is allowed, etc - since there is no rules listed in that arena, which go against them. So be sure to list every rule that is applied in your arena, otherwise, others might get confused.
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