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on Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:22 pm
Every individual; even the kindest, and most polite of individuals... has a dark, evil, and cruel demonic doppelganger of themselves.

Appearance / Personality:
There are two types of Demons - Curse Demons; which are the ones that are created by a creature getting cursed, and Predator Demons - which are the same as Curse Demons, only, they have to be summoned.

Both types of Demons are part of a very hostile, cruel, and evil race. They live only to devour souls of creatures; to become stronger, and more powerful. Curse Demons also feed on the negative emotions of their hosts, while Predator Demons can also feed on the negative souls of their victims; meaning that the more depressed, angry, or jealous their host / victim becomes, the stronger they get.

The appearance of a Curse Demon is usually based on their host's appearance, only, usually darker, and with glowing red eyes. While a Predator Demon has more freedom over their appearance; they can choose to be based on someone (Usually of the ones who are in a sacrifice for a summoning ritual, but with a darker appearance - like with the Curse Demons, and their appearance being based on their hosts, but darker.), or, have their own appearance. 

Demons are Chaotic Evil; they don't care about a single thing they do, and will do the most amount of damage they can, to anyone and anything around them. They are very fierce, and are feared by a lot of races. A Demon should NEVER be trusted - they use whoever they can, to get what they want, but also, to make their followers suffer, and to feed on their emotions.

All Demons possess either Darkness or Unholy; sometimes even both of those elements. Demons also possess the same Elemental powers as their hosts... however, they do not possess that same host's immunities to certain elements.

There have been Demons with Pure Evil as their elements, but only the strongest, and god-like of Demons have ever had Pure Evil for an Element.

Life (For Curse Demons):
Curse Demons are created the moment a creature is cursed to become a host for the newly created Demon. The demon will be able to possess its host / victim from time to time; so that it can temporarily manifest itself over its host - so that it may roam around the world, and devour the souls of weak creatures within the amount of time they can possess their host for.

Another thing to note, is that, the more negative emotions that their host had went through before the demon controlled them, the more powerful and deadly that demon is at the start of being set to the host; for example, if a creature had a really tough and depressing life, and got cursed, the demon that they would get will be an incredibly powerful one.

But, if a creature had a calm, relaxing life, and then got cursed... the demon that they would get, would only be slightly dangerous and weak to Light, Holy, and Divine.

Curse Demons spend the majority of their life trying to get as much souls as they can, whenever they get the opportunity to possess their host. If they devour around thirty souls, they'll be able to possess their host for longer... but if they devour a hundred souls, then they will forever be in control of their host; meaning that they will be set free from the limited amount of time to possess the host for... which will allow them to spread fear, and chaos.

Life (For Predator Demons):
Predator Demons are born in the Dark Elemental Afterlife - they spend most of their unlife torturing their victims, while feeding on their eternal pain and suffering.

They are able to leave the Afterlife at anytime, unless they are tired, or have been banished by a Divine Elemental; which by then, if they were banished, they would need help from a load of other Unholy Elementals, or even demonic cults that perform summoning rituals.

The amount of power that the Demon has, depends on how much assistance they would need to be brought back after banishment; a mighty demon who was feared in Legends, would need a lot of assistance... while, a common Demon wouldn't need much assistance.

The goal for a Predator Demon, is to feast on the souls of their victims, and become a powerful and fierce Demon. They enjoy, and even love seeing other creatures suffer; and will try their best to make that creature suffer even more... until they lose the will to live; in which then, they will take their soul. Predator Demons have no empathy nor sympathy for their prey; all they want is their soul.

Notable Demons:

  • Demon Nitrous (Curse Demon)
  • Demon Phos (Predator Demon)
  • Frustration (Predator Demon / Demon God)
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